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Each book is a window through which man sees the world and the human society. It is the life, career and studies’ best motivation and advisor. The “ALSAR” Foundation in the framework of development in the field of education and culture, held at the “ALSAR” Foundation conference hall the project “books – the most precious gift”, which aims at contributing modestly to enrich the libraries of students awarded with excellence scholarships.

Through the implementation of this project, 40 packages of the book collection written by Alia Izetbegoviç were donated to 40 new students as a way to motivate them and to show our appreciation towards them. These books comprise a genuine source of knowledge and provide them knowledge and data from writings and interesting studies on many historical, cultural, art and philosophical issues.


On the occasion of Women’s Day, the “ALSAR” Foundation in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey organized a three-day training activity (March 7-9, 2018), for the mothers of the orphan children titled “See yourself in the mirror and lead your life positively”.


This activity was attended with keen interest from the participants. It aimed to shed light upon the candid truth of life, because it is not nice to everyone. Neither to the rich, nor to the poor. Everybody has experienced one or more disappointments in life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Each of us, in one way or another, has suffered, has shed a tear, has been stressed, has complained or has worried about. No one is perfect and nobody lives a perfect life. The right thing to do is to “Live a good, simple and beautiful life, and to have the strength to live in the place God has destined you to be. “Think positively, be patient, don’t give up, never hurt others and open your heart, so that whoever needs you can find a shelter in there”. This is what life teaches us, this is the theory that moves us forward and these are some of its most meaningful messages.                                                                                                                            

At the end of this activity, the lecturers submitted this assessment report.



Name of Training:               Mirror yourself and manage your life positively

Training Date:                     7 – 8 – 9 / March / 2018 (1 day)

Place of Education:              Alsar Foundation Building Meeting Hall

Educational Style:                Performed in class and in an applied workshop

Participant Group:               Orphan Avenues


General evaluation:

Our mothers, who were taken with applause in the musical accompaniment, started training with both confused and smiling face expressions.

After the program – sharing norms and selecting the class president, we started training.

First Activity Meeting: Designed as fusion / ice breaker. At the beginning of the work, they began to be very abstentious, timid and confused. However, the progression is fun, and they realize that it is actually a behavioral technical condition that helps them relieve themselves, helps them to stress, and is a very important condition for personal development. At the end of the activity, we helped him to perceive why we needed to do such work by telling his own life examples at debriefing moments. So they allowed their children’s souls, which they kept in them, to go out in 1 day.


Dating Activity:

First Round:            Two-way mirror. They tried to reflect the movements of each other at the same time.

Second Round:       By mutually standing, they made voices and emptied their deep emotions by making echoes that sounded and hitting the mountain and returned to themselves.

Third Round:           They tried to look into each other’s eyes without laughing, not laughing.

All these tiny subconscious practices; was practiced in order to help them to establish “empathy” in real sense by feeling concepts of anger, stress, tension, resentment, beauty, mystery, sadness, self-pity and what everybody has experienced.

The fact that one of the trainers (Gül Hanım’s) is an orphan’s mother made (Fatih Bey) a more persuasive and constructive approach to our studies and how to see how she survived and developed as a child of a strong mother who has been orphaned since she was a little aged. If you will come to someone and survive, how you develop your fierce soul, if your sons give you tiny tips on how to approach tolerance, you also expect to have something in them.

Belief is more effective when the information is actually written from the experiences that are experienced.

For this reason, we strongly believe that our mothers will be able to reflect on the situations related to themselves within a day and to pass on the technical behaviors they have learned and learned. However, it is possible that we can see efficiency of efficiency and sustainability when we divide this kind of short time works into the “Module” system (We achieved these at Edirne – Houses of Love Project and Hold My Hand Edirne Association)


Look-Along Work with TWO GAGE ​​Technique ( IKIGAI )

This stage has been studied as a section that questions the question of why the individual should actually be happy in his life, questioning him and finding his personal roadmap and planning. It is a Japanese knowledge and education technique that allows people to see themselves clearly by holding a mirror in their personal development trainings without falling into deep worlds of people. By asking four-step questions, everyone wrote on their own free will, then put their papers in their bags and kept them hidden. When they were on their own in their private lives (they were applied as behavioral techniques used to objectively look into all the bad situations that occurred and to determine individual action)

To be positive, all techniques were used as a “metaphor” for the making of a wind rose from paper, making a mini practice of passing on the virtues.

Group 1: More introverted, but with a little more amusing mothers working among them, they finished working with the principle of learning. We started with a team of mothers who are both more up-to-date and sensitive to the traditional structure. But at the end of the study they promised to apply in their lives.

Group 2: We started with a team of mothers with a little more traditional structure. Much more emotional, tears are hard to come out of the sad life as they wait in their eyes. Without harming the traditions, we have to get them all out of the “Confort Zone” so much that if they are healthy, they have to work a little bit if they are healthy.

Group 3: Amazingly fun, cheerful, full of life we ​​worked with a team of mothers who could see the light immediately when you showed them the way out. Our class president, Mrs. Mimoza, has supported us all day as the only president who has kept all of her responsibilities to the end. Thank you very much. (collecting and disposing empty spaces in the living room, keeping the phones permanently closed, etc.)

In all groups, the mothers actually have a clearer understanding of the circumstances in which they live differently than others. During the training, no one has suffered hunger, the difficulties they have suffered are that people who have been living in similar situations without being spoken of have been able to agree without expressing these distresses and realize that they must leave behind what they have lived. In every talk, they all understood very clearly that the new approach, communication, and perspective that must be done must change. They leave when we say that the Alsar Foundation, which has a wonderful day for them, is a different institution and a perfect home.

I expressed myself that by using all the techniques spoken and practiced here, they should always try to look positively and how often they practice, so that they can hold up their dreams with their distant, working love and desire.

We would like to thank all the Alsar Foundation members for working with us on such a meaningful project and for giving us a different experience.

We would like the BHG art family to know that we will always be there with all the educational projects the Alsar Foundation wants to do on this or similar voluntary basis. We thank you.

During the year (at intervals of 3 – 4 months) there is a lot of benefit in designing and transferring the modules together in the future.


Our respect


Gül Meltem AKCAN & Fatih UZKAN





Eğitimin Adı                : Kendine Ayna Tut ve Hayatını Pozitif Yönet

Eğitim Tarihi  : 7 – 8 – 9 / Mart / 2018 ( 1 gün )

Eğitim Yeri                 : Alsar Vakıf Binası Toplantı Salonu

Eğitim Tarzı                : Sınıf içi ve uygulamalı workshop şeklinde gerçekleştirildi

Katılımcı Grup            : Yetim Anneleri


Genel Değerlendirme:

Müzik eşliğinde içeriye alkışlarla alınan annelerimiz, hem şaşkın hem de gülümseyen yüz ifadeleri ile eğitime başladılar.

Program – Normlar paylaşımı ve sınıf başkanı seçildikten sonra eğitime başladık.

İlk Aktivite Tanışma: Kaynaşma / Buz kırıcı şeklinde dizayn edilmiştir. Çalışmanın ilk başında son derece çekimser, ürkek ve şaşkın başladılar. Ancak ilerleyen süre, bu işin eğlenceli ve aslında kendilerini rahatlatan, stres atmalarına yardımcı olan ve kişisel gelişim için çok önemli bir davranışsal teknik durum olduğunu fark ettiler. Aktivite sonunda neden böyle bir çalışma yapmamızın gerekli olduğunu debriefing anlarında kendi hayat örnekleri ile anlatarak algılanmasında yardımcı olduk. Böylece içlerine sakladıkları kendi çocuk ruhlarını 1 günlükte olsa, dışarıya çıkmasına izin verdiler.

Tanışma Aktivitesi

İlk Tur:  İkili Ayna oldular. Birbirlerinin hareketlerini aynada yansıtmaya çalıştılar.

İkinci Tur: Karşılıklı durarak, dağa seslenen ve çarparak kendisine geri gelen yankı hareketini yaparak, sesler çıkarıp, içlerindeki derin duyguları boşalttılar.

Üçüncü Tur: Birbirlerinin gözlerinin içine hiç konuşmadan, gülmeden, derine bakmaya çalıştılar.

Tüm bu minik bilinçaltı uygulamaları; aslında kendi iç dünyalarına sakladıkları, öfke, stres, gerginlik, kızgınlık, güzellik, gizem, hüzün, kendine acıma duygusu gibi kavramların çıkmasını ve herkesin yaşadığı bir şeylerin varlığını hissederek gerçek anlamda “Empati” kurmalarına yardımcı olmak için uygulandı.

Eğitmenlerinin birisinin ( Gül Hanımın) yetim annesi olması, Fatih beyinde ( küçük yaştan beri yetim kalmış ancak mücadele eden güçlü bir annenin çocuğu olarak nasıl ayakta kaldığını ve geliştiğini görmeleri çalışmalarımız ve için çok daha ikna edici ve yapıcı yaklaşmalarını sağladı. Bu durum aslında katılımcı için önemli noktalardan bir tanesidir. Eğer size birileri gelip hayatta kalmanın, mücadeleci ruhunuzun nasıl gelişmesi, evlatlarımıza nasıl hoşgörülü yaklaşmamızın minik ipuçlarını verecekse onun da bir şeyleri yaşamış olmasını beklersiniz.

Bilgiler aslında yaşanan tecrübelerden yazılarak, aktarıldığı zaman inanç daha etkili olur. Bu nedenle biz annelerimizin 1 gün içinde kendileri ile ilgili durumlara ayna tutarak, fark ettikleri ve öğrendikleri teknik davranışları hayatlarına geçireceklerine kesinlikle inanıyoruz. Ancak bu tarz kısa süreli çalışmaları biz “Modül” sistemine bölerek verdiğimiz zaman verimliliğin ve sürdürülebilirliğin etkinliğini görmemiz mümkün ( Edirne – Sevgi Evleri Projesi ve Tut Elimi Edirne Derneği’nde bunları başardık)



İKİGAİ Tekniği ile Aynaya Bakma Çalışması

Bu aşama bireyin aslında hayatında neden mutlu olması gerektiğini sorgulatan, sorgulayan ve kişisel yol haritası bularak planlamasını yaptıran bir bölüm olarak işlendi. Kişisel gelişim eğitimlerinde insanların derin dünyalarına inmeden kendisine ayna tutarak, kendisini net görebilmesini sağlayan bir Japon bilgi ve eğitim tekniğidir. 4 aşamalı soru sorarak herkes kendi özgür iradesi çerçevesinde yazdı, daha sonra kağıtlarını çantalarına koyarak sakladılar. Özel hayatlarında kendi başlarına kaldıklarında ( yaşanan tüm iyi kötü durumları objektif gözle sorgulamanın ve bireysel aksiyon belirlemek için kullanılan davranışsal teknik olarak uygulandı)

Pozitif Olmak için ise, tüm teknikleri hayata geçirmenin mini bir uygulaması yapılarak, kağıtlardan Rüzgar Gülü yapımı “Metafor” olarak kullanıldı.

  1. Grup: Daha içe dönük, ancak aralarında çalışan annelerin olması biraz daha eğlenerek öğrenme prensibi ile çalışmayı tamamladı. Hem daha güncel bakış açılı, hem de geleneksel yapıya hassasiyet gösteren annelerden oluşan bir ekip ile başladık. Ancak çalışmanın sonunda hayatlarında uygulayacaklarına söz verdilerJ
  2. Grup: Biraz daha fazla geleneksel yapıya sahip annelerden oluşan bir ekip ile başladık. Çok daha fazla duygusal, gözyaşları hemen gözpınarlarında bekler gibi hüzünlü yaşamın etkisinden çıkmakta zorlanıyorlar. Geleneklere zarar vermeden hepsinin biraz “Confort Zone / Konfor Alanın” dan dışarı çıkmalarını sağlamalıyız ki, hemen hemen hepsi sağlıklıyken ufak tefekte olsa biraz çalışmaları gerektiğini benimseyip uygulasınlar.
  3. Grup: İnanılmaz eğlenceli, neşeli, hayat dolu biraz kendilerine çıkış yolu gösterdiğinizde hemen aydınlığı görebilecek annelerimizden oluşan bir ekip ile çalıştık. Sınıf başkanımız bayan Mimoza tüm sorumluklarını sonuna kadar sürdüren tek başkan olarak tüm gün bize destek verdi. Kendisine çok teşekkür ederiz. ( salon içi boşların toplanıp atılması, telefonların sürekli kapalı kalması vb)

Tüm gruplarda anneler aslında kendilerinden başka insanlarında farklı yaşadığı durumların var olacağının daha net farkına vardılar. Eğitim süresince hiç kimsenin yaşadığı acılar, çektiği sıkıntılar asla konuşulmadan benzer durumları yaşayan insanların bu sıkıntıları ifade etmeden de anlaşabilecekleri, kendilerinin yaşadıklarını geride bırakmaları gerektiğinin farkına vardılar. Her konuşmamızda hepsi durumlarını kabul ederek, yapılması gereken yeni yaklaşım, iletişim ve bakış açılarının mutlaka değişmesi gerektiğini çok net anladılar. Bir daha ne zaman görüşeceğimizi, kendilerine harika bir gün yaşatan Alsar Vakfının farklı bir kuruluş ve mükemmel bir yuva olduğunu söyleyerek ayrıldılar.

Ben de kendilerinden burada konuşulan ve uygulanan tüm teknikleri kullanarak, her zaman pozitif bakmaya çalışmaları gerektiğini ve ne kadar sıklıkla uygulama yaparlarsa o kadar stresten uzak, çalışma sevgisi ve isteği ile hayata kendilerinin dik durarak tutunabileceklerini ifade ettim. Tüm Alsar Vakfı Ailesine böyle anlamlı bir projede bizimle birlikte çalıştıkları ve bize de farklı bir deneyim yaşattıkları için çok teşekkür ederiz.

BHG art Ailesi olarak Alsar Vakfının bu veya buna benzer gönüllülük esasında yapmak istediği tüm eğitim projelerinde her zaman yanlarında olacağımızı bilmelerini isteriz. Teşekkür ederiz.

Yıl içinde (3 – 4 ay aralıklarla) modüllerin devamı gelecek şekilde birlikte tasarlanarak aktarılmasında çok fayda bulunmaktadır.


Gül Meltem AKCAN      ve       Fatih UZKAN


On the occasion of Mother’s Day (March 8), the educational department of the “ALSAR” foundation in cooperation with a group of volunteer students, organized on March 8, 2018 an educational and recreational activity, with and for the children that participated in courses and their mothers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

A special moment of this activity was even the artistic program prepared by the children, who made their mothers proud while emotionally reciting different poems.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

During the activity, a documentary film dedicated to Mother’s Day was displayed, which among other things conveyed the message that mothers are not to be respected and remembered once a year, once a month or once a week, but every single day, “Mothers deserve to spend their entire lives as if it was the 8th of March”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Each one of the children had a card prepared for their mothers; a wish and a promise were written on the card! One thing to note was the interest, commitment and above all their eagerness to prepare a “Gift for the Mother”! Each one of them had a different wish, a different promise, a different idea of how to decorate their card, but in their eyes, you could notice the same wish: “To show Love to their mother”!

“Enjoy your feast dear and precious mothers. This feast conveys the best message to respect our mothers and thank them for the care, hardships and sacrifice towards us. Let’s make them feel proud day by day and let’s show how much we love them.


Providing its modest efforts on the cultural and spiritual enrichment of the Albanian society and leaving an important legacy for the future generations, “ALSAR” Foundation has been carrying out a very intensive publishing activity for 11 years now. These activities in the publishing field during this period have been focused on the publication and the republishing of the following works:                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

No. Publication title Author Circulation
1. “Report on the Activities of ALSAR Foundation” for the second semi-annual of 2017.  “ALSAR” Foundation  

1,000 copies

2. “Kombiar” Calendar speeches “ALSAR” Foundation 1,000 copies
3. “The inexistent sea issue, a Greek or Albanian diplomatic intrigue?” Shaban Murati 1,000 copies
4. Success does not happen by accident Dario Hani 500 copies
5. Ottoman historical works found in al-Quds. (Leaflet) “ALSAR” Foundation 1,000 copies
6. From Isra to Mescidi Aksa (Leaflet) “ALSAR” Foundation 1,000 copies


  1. “ALSAR” Foundation: “Report on the Activities of ALSAR Foundation” for the second semi-annual of 2017.                                                                  

“ALSAR” Publication, Tirana 2018, 260 pages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


The informational report published in two languages – Albanian and English –provides an overview of the activities organized by “ALSAR” Foundation for the period July – December 2017.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


  1. “Kombiar” Calendar speeches:                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“ALSAR” Publication, Tirana 2018, 210 pages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  1. Shaban Murati: “The inexistent sea issue, a Greek or Albanian diplomatic intrigue?”

“ALSAR” Publication, Tirana 2018, 232 pages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Ambassador Shaban Murati’s book, “The inexistent sea issue, a Greek or Albanian diplomatic intrigue?” covers one of the mostly disputed and complicated Greek-Albanian relationship’s issues in the last ten years. In a complete research study from the diplomatic, political and historical viewpoint, the author analyzeds the sea issue as one of the most critical and complicated issues of contemporary relationships between Albania and Greece.

The author elaborates the wrong negotiation processmethodology employed by the Albanian diplomacy and addresses this methodology, which led to a disadvantageous agreement to the Albania’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. A separate chapter of the bookanalyzedsthe unexplainable haste and the incompetence of the Albanian diplomacy that has negotiated the sea issue between the two countries and has concluded the sea agreement in less than a year, which shows a political haste and a strategy for agreement conclusion to the detriment of Albania.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

In a separate chapter, the book elaborates the wrong anti-constitutional and anti-historical attitudes of the MoFA and the government, that signed the sea agreement, which, in order to justify the fact that they extensively tolerated the other party at the expense of the county’s territorial integrity, espoused the Greek’s ideas, and hence this gave rise to an inexistent sea border between the two countries. The author brings a great number of historical documents, treaties and international agreements related to Albania’s borders, so as to prove that the sea and land borders have been demarcated as obligatory by the Great Powers during 1913-1926. He presented new documents by the archive of the MoFA of Albania, which prove that in the previous bilateral agreements on different issues between Albania and Greece, both countries had admitted the existence and recognition of the sea border between them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The main chapter is dedicated to the new diplomatic conflict that came into between the two countries after the Constitutional Court annulled the sea agreement. This chapter analyzes Greece’s efforts to force the implementation of annulled agreement, so as to renegotiate it with the same subject matter, which was previously declared null by the Court, with the purpose of revising some coordinates and returning Albania some square kilometers from a surface area of 350 kilometers, which the 2009 agreement foresaw.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The author draws the conclusion that the sea issue between the two countries is an artificial one, inexistent, because the sea border issue between the two countries has never existed and never will. The book is of interest as a guide for the sea borders negotiations that different countries might have with one another, especially with Greece.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


  1. Dario Hani: “Success does not happen by accident”                               

“ALSAR” Publication, Tirana 2018, 68 pages                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

This is a book written by a young man for the youth, but with the mature style of an experienced author. The energy that Dario transmits in this booklet, trying not to neglect discipline, research and continuous work, especially with himself, which comprise the basis of any discipline. It seems that he has grasped the essence of Albanian business challenge, which is doing business in a cultivated way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

What Dario offers is not just how to do business to increase revenues, also doing business as a means of growing personally and socially. It is a call to view business the way it is in its essence- a social giving and taking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  1. “ALSAR” Foundation:Ottoman historical works found in Al-Quds”. (Leaflet )

“ALSAR” Publication, Tirana 2018,                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


  1. “ALSAR” Foundation: From Isra to Mescidi Aksa”. (Leaflet)                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

“ALSAR” Publication, Tirana 2018,


In the occasion of 18thMarch, the Çanakkale Victory Day and Martyrs Commemoration Day, in the city of Shkodra, under the “Yunus Emre” Cultural Institution and the Turkish Embassy supervision, ceremonies and activities were organized, where the Turkish Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Murat Ahmet Yörük, local government authorities representative, relatives of officers fallen in Çanakkale’s Battle, civil society organizations representatives and Turkish institutions in Albania, and citizens of Shkodra were present.

With the organizers invitation, the ALSAR Foundation participated in this activity, commemorating and honoring the 18thMarch, the Martyr’s Day by putting funeral flower at Hasan Riza Pasha’s memorial.


“ALSAR” Foundation students successfully carried out the sports activity under the motto “Healthy mind in a healthy body”. The project was carried out during March in Artificial Lake’s sports complex fields, aiming at entertaining themselves and strengthening their fraternal relationships, for which they organized a mini volleyball competition.

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