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In line with the solidarity towards orphans activities platform, the “Alternatives of the Future” ALSAR Foundation, in cooperation with the students group of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, who are registered in the excellence scholarship program, have successfully carried out the platform for paying home visits to orphans in the city of Tirana, in order to personally meet their relatives, to see the conditions they live in and the difficulties they confront, aiming with sincere brotherly feelings at providing them support and reviving their feelings of hope and faith for the future, contributing somehow to the family economic difficulties alleviation.

During the period March-May 2018, in the framework of conducting activities for students who are organized in volunteer groups, have paid visits according to a calendar to 42 families. The visits have been paid both in the urban and rural areas of Tirana. Paying visits has been a very valuable commitment for students because they have the chance to become aware of the difficult situation in which these families are. This project has helped students gain practical skills, by directly working with them. The main purpose of the visits was for the students to closely see the orphans’ families’ conditions and needs, which are treated by means of the “ALSAR” Foundation’s aids.

Regarding the experience gained, students stated that it was a quite important experience for them, since they spent time differently from everyday life, feeling the warm family atmosphere that characterizes the tradition of Albanian hospitality.

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