In the frame of the volunteering projects cultural activities, the excellent students of “ALSAR” Foundation have arranged two activities on the review of literary works.

In the activity, the review of the work written by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Maksudoglu and entitled “Ottoman History and Institutions” was presented. The main speaker in this activity was a student from the Faculty of History and Philology, namely Indrit Qehajaj.

In his presentation, he highlighted the values and facts that this book by Prof. Dr. Maksudoglu is based on authentic documents, written at a time when they were very influential. The speaker argues that unlike other empires of human society in the history, the Ottoman Empire has functioned as Devlet founded (based) on the principles of Quran that cultivated mentality and practices of respecting cultures and ways of economic, social, educational and artistic of different peoples.

The discussion was also focused on the religious tolerance that prevailed in the Ottoman Devlet and the policies that were followed to maintain such tolerance and to ensure every believer equal rights and the security of life, honor and wealth.

Students though to go beyond the Ottoman history, and to also discuss about the Albanian territories under the Ottomans. It was discussed about the systems that were used by the Ottomans, from pashaliks to Ismail Qemali. Based on the analysis and their evaluation, they valued that this book, directly and indirectly, shed light upon different matters of Albanian society development, from the beginning of the 15th century to 1912.

In the auditorium, there were students from different faculties who congratulated the speakers on their review and the initiative undertaken by the excellent students of “ALSAR” Foundation, which aims to broaden their cultural horizon.

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