In the fulfillment of the mission of “ALSAR” Foundation, related to the multifaceted assistance towards orphan children, commenced in January the program of learning different foreign languages, such as English, Turkish and the program of ethical, moral and religious education. The teachers who teach in these courses are specialized and able to work with this age group. They use contemporary methods blended with audio-visual programs to make these courses more appealing and to facilitate the effective knowledge absorption. The courses take place at the study room of “ALSAR” Foundation, which is furnished with the necessary infrastructure and equipped with the technical means for performing such an activity.

The students of these courses are given school bags along with didactic means, as well as the student’s books and workbooks for each subject. These courses are run in the afternoon so as not to impede students attend school or do their homework.

Through these courses, the students will be able to receive additional training in the respective subjects, which will be beneficial for them in their life, but will also be the basis if they want to pursue their studies at High Schools or Universities abroad, with which the “ALSAR” Foundation has cooperation agreements with partners in different countries. Moreover, such knowledge would serve for students to enhance their school performance and results

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