In the occasion of the Blessed Month of Ramadan, the “ALSAR” Foundation has continued the pursuit of a 12-year-tradition in the context of undertaking initiatives for the promotion of humanitarian solidarity values and care towards poor social classes, has initiated its platform of social and humanitarian character activities, in order to help the social classes in need families, contributing somehow in facilitating their economic difficulties and in creating a festive atmosphere.

The aid and humanitarian aid program in this first stage of this Blessed Month, commenced on 8 May 2018 and for 3 days in a row was enabled the donation of 1150 food packages, in different cities of the country, respectively for:

  • 300 families of Devoll Municipality;
  • 300 families of Leskovik administrative unit;
  • 300 families of “Institute for human dignity”, roma community in Pogradec and Tirana;
  • 150 families for “National Association for Parents of Children with Disabilities”.
  • 100 families of roma community, carried out in cooperation with “Roma integration Association”, Tirana.
No. Location Cooperation entity Number of families
1 Devoll Devoll Municipality 300 families
2 Leskovik Leskovik Administrative Unit 300 families
3 Pogradec and Tirana “Institute for human dignity” 300 families
4 Tirana NAPCHD Association 150 families
5 Tirana “Roma integration Association” 100 families
4 cities   1150 people


The program was developed thanks to the contribution provided by The International Relief Foundation “HASENE – ADEV”, based in Germany, and supported by a successful cooperation relationship with the leaders of the local governments.

These days of the humanitarian solidarity towards families and social classes in need expressed a warm welcome for this blessed month.

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