The “ALSAR” Foundation, in cooperation with the Turkish Agency of Development and Cooperation “TIKA” has distributed with the occasion of the Blessed Month of Ramadan the second contingent of aids in food packages, from which benefited 3500 families of orphan children countrywide, in the days of humanitarian solidarity towards the families and social classes in need. We tried to visit each and every family in need, despite the remote geographic distance, to contribute somehow in the alleviation of their economic hardships.

TIKA has offered 3500 food packages in total for the families in need in Albania, and on the activity carried out on 24 May 2018 about 1000 food packages were distributed for the orphan children.

At the aids distribution ceremony for the orphan children at the Sports Palace “Farie Hoti”, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj was also present, who at his speech stated, “We have always been together” with the Turkish Embassy and TIKA Agency.

“We have been together when there were floods, when building kindergartens, when planting trees. We have been together when building playgrounds and I’m glad we are again together at this activity of solidarity in the occasion of the Blessed Month of Ramadan, for all the families and children in need, in the city of Tirana.” Veliaj stated.

The Turkish Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Murat Ahmet Yörük, highlighted that Turkey will always stand by the people in need.

“As known, the month of Ramadan is the month of solidarity, brotherhood and unity. The month of Ramadan is also the month of aid, solidarity and of giving a helping hand to those in need and the month that makes people better. We are here today to give the helping hand to our Albanian brothers in this blessed month. You are never alone, the Turkish state and people will always stand by your side”, the Ambassador Yörük stated.

The Head of “ALSAR” Foundation, Mr. Mehdi Gurra, stated that until now, they have enabled the distribution of aids for the orphans in some cities of Albania.

In the ceremony, he stated that, “Since 2008, we have been engaged in supporting and helping families in need and orphan children. I hope that this aid will continue in the future”. “In this Blessed Month of Ramadan, our Foundation has committed to helping 7500 families. Until now, we have enabled the distribution of aids to the orphans in the cities of Elbasan, Librazhd, Prrenjas, Pogradec, Bilisht, Korça, Erseka, Fushë-Kruja, Laç, Lezha, Shkodra and Koplik. In the upcoming days, we will be in the cities of Bulqiza, Peshkopia and Kukës”, Gurra mentioned.

TIKA coordinator in Tirana Mr. Necip Özay Özütok, representatives of Turkish institutions in Albania, and orphan children’s’ parents were also part of the activity.

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