Albania is a place that has all the necessary potentials to become an attractive touristic destination for tourists, as are the natural beauties, cultural inheritance, and hospitality. Tourism is another primary sector for Albania, considering that it is connected directly to the local wellbeing and economic growth. It is seen as the sector that will guarantee stable economic development, ensure employment, and encourage small and large enterprises, greater income and wellbeing for the Albanian citizens.

Given such importance of tourism, the “ALSAR” Foundation has provided its humble support toward a civil society initiative, promoting constant and all year round tourism in Albania. Following this, creating a platform that will contain comprehensive information that ensures the stimulation and growth of tourism in Albania, by providing media space to ensure: touristic information over our country and to be an orientation guide not only for ethnic Albanian regions, but also for the non-Albanian speaker foreign tourists, that aim to list Albanian among tourism destinations.

The sustainable and all year round tourism development which does not include not only visiting the coast during the summer, but also travelling to the mountainous areas of Albania, hence turning attention to mountain tourism, cultural and historical and religious tourism, definitely requires continuous promotion of tourism in Albania and the creation of a platform to enable such promotion.

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