Supporting the initiatives that aim at promoting the values of our culture and cultural heritage, the “ALSAR” Foundation has provided its contribution toward Women’s Museum, which is established to present through artefacts, documents or other objects of cultural value, the history of Albanian women in periods such as Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Ottoman Period, Renaissance and Independence, Monarchy, World War II, Communism and until today’s decades.

From the women perspective, the Women’s Museum is seen and represents their position in the family, contribution and impact on society to achieve civilization, emancipation and to have their rights.

By displaying personal objects, clothing, documents, filming, furnishings, books, and to any object that is in historic, spiritual and psychological function of women’s lives, the museum will provide unrevealed information. This will help to educate youth, who through the culture can cultivate their knowledge and historical memory.

Through its cultural programs, “ALSAR” Foundation is committed to preserving the values of our cultural heritage.

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