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We live in a society with high levels of criminality that is the result of a lack of religious education and of the fact that religion is not taught in high school within the official educational system. That is why it is important to undertake personal initiatives to teach religious lessons. Thus, in June “ALSAR” Foundation organized and developed the project of summer religious courses. This activity aims at reviving traditional values, as well as educating the new generation of the Albanian society about the Islamic ethical, moral, and spiritual values.
 In organizational terms, it is worth mentioning that all the procedures of program planning have been undertaken all and the teaching process consists of three main stages:

• Program-planning based on special purposes, depending on the subject;
• Teaching intertwined with useful contemporary methods;
• Periodic assessment of students’ knowledge through exams prepared by the Educational Department of “ALSAR” Foundation.
In geographic terms, these courses are mainly run in the northern, central, and south-eastern areas of the country. 10 courses involving the participation of 500 students have taken place in three districts

The syllabus of this project aims at educating the new generation of the Albanian society, through teaching these subjects:
• Gaining knowledge on religion;
• Basic knowledge of Islamic religion;
• Learning how to read the Holy Quran in the Arabic language and memorizing its last 20 Surahs.

The students received the relevant textbooks free of charge in order to facilitate the teaching process of these subjects.

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