In the framework of its cultural activity, the “ALSAR” Foundation organized during April 21-22, 2018, two open forums under the topic “Youth, faith and life’s challenges” in the cities of Tirana and Kukësi, respectively. In these activities, we were honored by the presence of a special guest, the mufti of Konya, Turkey, Prof. Dr. Ali AKPINAR.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

While delivering his lectures, the Professor shed light upon the role and importance of youth and faith and its educational values in projecting a bright future for the nation. Among other things, he highlighted that young people are the most precious asset of a nation. A nation that has a not sound youth cannot have a bright future. If the youth is stripped off the spiritual feeling and its identity, then how are we supposed to have a much-awaited bright future for this society of ours?’

The Albanian nation cannot be strengthened by avoiding the values and the contribution of religious faith because only a spiritually sound nation is capable of making sacrifices, of burying its dark past, of raising hope and of building the future.

These were the messages conveyed through his lectures, to which the participants paid special attention and interest.

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