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The “ALSAR” Foundation, in the framework of its benevolent activity, in cooperation with the Turkish Embassy in Tirana, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and the University of Trakya in Turkey, organized training sessions for doctors and nurses, working in the emergency wards of Albanian hospitals. The training took place on April 6-7 at the National Emergency Center of Albania, in Tirana, in which more than 60 doctors and nurses coming from different cities of the country took part. The Director of the National Emergency Center of Albania, Mr Skënder Brataj, on the beginning of the training activity, stressed that the training of medical staff will enhance the emergency services in Albanian hospitals.

“Pursuant to the agreements made in the recent years between Albania and Turkey, a series of training courses have been organized, which have improved the conditions and the training of the medical staff, mainly in the field of emergency, but also in different health-related matters. I would like to express my gratitude to the Turkish Ministry of Health, in the name of the Ministry of Health and National Emergency Centre of Albania. I look forward to realizing other cooperation projects serving our common goal to improve health conditions, but especially those of the field that we cover, which is that of medical emergency”, Brataj stated.

The Ambassador of Turkey to Tirana, Mr. Murat Ahmet Yörük, highlighted that doctors and nurses from Albania take part annually in training sessions organized in Turkey, and every year 100 Albanian citizen travel in Turkey to receive free medical treatment.                                                             “The Turks and the Albanians have experienced the beauty of living together for hundreds of years and enjoying true friendship and brotherhood relations. Inspired by the profound relations of the past and other aspects as well, we hope to transform the relations between the two countries into a common future, by finalizing them in more concrete collaborations and projects. We support the progress of our ally and fraternal country, Albania, in every aspect, including that of health. In this regard, we continue to carry out trainings of doctors and nurses coming from Albania in Turkey, including scholarships awarded by the medicine faculties,” Ambassador Yörük stated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The activity was also attended by the Head of the Alternative of the Future (ALSAR) Foundation, Mr. Mehdi Gurra, who stated that “ALSAR” supports them for carrying out the training process. “Being an organization, we have cooperated several times with the Albanian Ministry of Health. In 2015, the University Hospital of Trauma and Neurology, has been equipped with materials offered by our Foundation. We have been chiefly focused on aids provision to the orphan children, because our organization, which supports 3500 orphan children in Albania, has also been committed to providing health care to them,” Gurra said.

The trainings that will be organized in the framework of the “Health Week”, with the participation of Turkish professors, will be focused mainly on first aid for persons suffering from cardiovascular problems, first aid for physically wounds, pre-hospital care for physically wounds and the first aid for physically wounds in grave condition.

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